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Mr Five Willows is a native of one knows not where. Nor does one know his name.
Since there are five willows by his house, he has been given the sobriquet of “Mr. Five Willows.”

He is a man of few words, retiring by nature. He has no desire for money or for fame. An avid reader, he does not however, seek extraneous interpretations. Whenever he finds certain books arresting his interest, he forgets his meals.

He has a special weakness for wine, but being poor he cannot always afford it. His friends, aware of this, often invite him to drink. Then he drinks to his heart’s content. But when he is drunk, he takes leave at once.

The walls surrounding his house are dilapidated, giving little protection from the sun or wind. His coarse gown is shabby and threadbare; his rice jar is frequently empty. Yet he lives in contentment, and writes poetry to amuse himself and to express how he feels. Worldly gain or loss does not concern him. This is his way of life.

Biography Of Mr Five Willows, Tao Yuan-Ming (365-427)

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